Symantec announces ApplicationHA and VirtualStore for VMware virtual infrastructures

Earlier this week Symantec announced two new products for VMware virtual infrastructures dubbed ApplicationHA and VirtualStore.

ApplicationHA, powered by Veritas Cluster Server technology, monitors applications and virtual machines health. It can restart both: applications by direct intervention, and VMs by coordinating with vCenter Server.
Plus, the product can be fully operated from the vCenter Client and supports VMware HA and DRS.

VirtualStore instead is powered by Veritas Storage Foundation and is a virtual NAS that has a couple of specific capabilities for VDI environments.
The first one, called FileSnap, allows to rapidly clone and provision thousands of virtual machines in minutes through vCenter.
The second is a page caching system that Symantec claims able to eliminate the performance bottlenecks when multiple users concurrently power their virtual desktops.

ApplicationHA will be available in September, at $350 per VM.
VirtualStore instead will be released in November with a per-server pricing model.