VMware hires new executives from Symantec, HP/Mercury, Brocade, Google and EMC

vmware logoFor a few months now virtualization.info has reported how VMware is accelerating the replacement of its executives in almost every department and in every region where it is present.

The last news about this topic is about the research of a second CTO, dedicated to the application and desktop virtualization business unit, but apparently there’s much more than that.

During the last earnings call, the VMware CEO Paul Maritz announced a few new remarkable hires:

  • Mark Egan, who was the Symantec CIO for 6 years.
    Egan is the new VMware CIO, replacing Tayloe Stansbury who left VMware for Intuit after one year and a half.
  • Baliz Kadanish, who was the Vice President of R&D at Mercury (acquired by HP in 2006).
    Kadanish is now the VMware Senior R&D Manager in charge of the application level provisioning and management.
  • Zahid Hussain, who was the Vice President of Engineering at Brocade for 5 years (left in 2008).
    Hussain is now the VMware Vice President of Engineering in charge of the vSphere development team.
  • Derek Collison, who was a Technical Director at Google and before that the Senior Vice President and Chief Architect at TIBCO Software.
    Collison is now in the VMware CTO office, in charge of a project related to cloud computing, as TechCrunch reports.
    At Google Collison was working with Mark Lucovsky, the Director of Engineering that VMware hired last month, on the search APIs.
  • Vadim Spivak, who was a Senior Software Engineer at Google, working with Lucovsky and Collison.
    Spivak is now a VMware Staff Engineer, as TechCrunch reports.

Additionally, CRN reported last week about a migration from the VMware parent company EMC and its subsidiary:

  • Douglas Smith, who was the Senior Director of Business Development at EMC for almost 12 years.
    Smith is now the VMware Senior Director of Worldwide Partner Sales.