Vizioncore changes vOptimizer 4.0 in vOptimizer Pro 2.0

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Today Vizioncore announces a name change for its vOptimizer, the product acquired from Invirtus and once known as VM Optimizer.

Just like vRanger Pro the product is now vOptimizer Pro.

The move is a bit strange: over one year ago Vizioncore renamed VM Optimizer in vOptimizer 4.0, saving the version numbering that Invirtus was using.
Now the company is axing that product name and going back to 2.0.

Along with the new name Vizioncore announces a new feature: now vOptimizer Pro can automatically reclaim the wasted space inside the guest OS (Windows only).


Update: Vizioncore contacted to clarify the mistery around the vOptimizer Pro name and release number.

vOptimizer 4.0 (without the Pro, originally developed by Invirtus) was a consumer product, able to squeeze VMware Server/Workstation and Microsoft Virtual Server/Virtual PC virtual hard drives.
This product has been removed from the company portfolio in summer 2008 and it’s no longer available for purchase.

vOptimizer Pro 2.0 instead is an enterprise oriented product that supports VMware ESX.
It can directly connect to the hosts or pass through vCenter to squeeze the virtual hard drives and reclaim the unused storage space.