Release: Phoenix Technologies HyperCore 1.0

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After more than one year of development, Phoenix Technologies is finally ready to sell it client hypervisor: HyperCore.

The company formally announced the consumer version of the product last week at CES 2009, where HyperCore, based on Xen, was launched in two editions:


The product is available now: the trial edition can be downloaded from the website and installed on any computer featuring an Intel CPU with VT (a list of tested notebooks is available here).
The company didn’t release any statement about a future support of AMD-V.

Along with HyperCore, Phoenix launched a brand new corporate website and a partner ecosystem to add value inside the instant-on virtual machines.
The first members are Zimbra (part of Yahoo), Real Networks, ArcSoft, Corel, CyberLink, Opera and Zentek.

The idea is that the mail client, the audio player, the DVD player, the browser, etc. can be invoked instantly and securely (as they run inside an isolated virtual machine) without disturbing the main operating system, saving time and battery life.

In the last months Phoenix closed key partnerships with other allies, so we are waiting to see what the Corporate Edition of HyperCore will deliver.

Update: Engadget was fast enough to release an early review of HyperCore which may be worth a look.