Xen 3.3 feature list now finalized

Xen.org just published the tentative Xen 3.3 datasheet which contains the full list of new features included in the new version of the open source hypervisor:

Performance and Scalability

  • CPUID Levelling
  • Shadow 3 Page Table Optimizations
  • EPT/NPT 2MB Page Support
  • Virtual Framebuffer Support for HVM Guests
  • PVSCSI — SCSI Support for PV Guests
  • Full 16-bit Emulation on Intel VT


  • PVGRUB Secure Replacement for PYGRUB
  • IO Emulation “stub domains” for HVM IO

Green Computing

  • Enhanced C & P State Power Management
  • Graphics Support
  • VT-d Device Pass-Through Support


  • Upgrade QEMU Version
  • Multi-Queue Support for Modern NICs
  • Removal of Domain Lock for PV Guests
  • Message Signalled Interrupts

The datasheet is also interesting because it provides an updated list of the major Xen contributors: Intel, AMD, HP, Dell, IBM, Novell, Red Hat, Sun, Fujitsu, Samsung, and Oracle.

While most of the companies listed above are well-known names, finding a telco giant like Samsung is pretty uncommon.
In November 2007 Samsung was working to bring Xen on PDAs. In June 2008 virtualization.info reported that the company was porting Xen on the ARM architecture.

Virtualization may reach mobile devices soon.