Virtualization Congress 2008: (most of) the agenda is here!

In March, announced its first independent conference about virtualization technologies: the Virtualization Congress 2008.

After many months we are finally able to announce the agenda:

Shaping it has been (and still is) one of the most challenging tasks ever done at

  • We have to grant equal exposure to all the first-class speakers that will present on stage
  • We have to balance the contents in a way that every attendee will have a great show, no matter what technology he’s most interested in
  • We have to ignite that competition that is healthy for the customers and the entire market

Of course the best part of this agenda is that every session will not contain any marketing slide decks.

Every speaker listed here will show one or more products in action, addressing the challenges of real-world, complex use cases.

The agenda published today is not complete yet. Unfortunately we can’t announce yet few great speakers and their sessions, but a large majority of the contents are online.

Read it online or download the event program below (with the Speakers, the Agenda and the Sponsors):

Virtualization Congress 2008 Brochure