Hyper9 hires search experts Jim Snyder and Brian Baker

Trying to resurrect from the fatal experience as InovaWave, the new Hyper9 continues to reshape its leadership team for this second attempt to win the virtualization market.

In February the company hired Ben Rouse as Chief Product Officer, coming from United Devices where he was the CEO.
Now Hyper9 is appointing a couple of key figures in the search engine area:

Jim Snyder, Ph.D., is a search expert with 25 years of experience architecting and developing complex infrastructure technologies. Prior to Hyper9, Snyder created search-oriented intellectual property and led development of the search platform at 21st Century Technologies. He also created the analytics/reporting platform at Core Metrics and the web-based configuration platform at Trilogy, where he served as principal architect.

Brian Baker is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience creating and delivering enterprise infrastructure solutions. At Hyper9, Baker focuses on the data collection, aggregation and management activities needed to fuel the search engine. Previously, Baker served as a principal engineer at United Devices which was acquired by Univa. Prior to that, Baker founded Journee Software, a real-time enterprise data hub solution which was acquired by Initiate Systems.

This should further clarify how Hyper9 aims at becoming the Splunk of virtualization, hopefully generating the same level of buzz and innovation.