Leostream raises $3 million in Series A funding

Leostream is one of the oldest firm in the virtualization space, along with few others like Vizioncore and PlateSpin.
Used to sell an enterprise management product for virtualization platforms in the early days, the company completely changed direction, dropping its first product and focusing first on P2V migration (with P>V Direct) and then on VDI (with Hosted Desktop Connection Broker).

While others got funded and became acquisition targets (Vizioncore by Quest, PlateSpin by Novell), Leostream is one of the few that never raised major resources over time.

The situation is now changed since Meakem Becker Venture Capital has just invested $3 million in the company, as reported by Private Equity HUB.

Leostream has now much work to do to refresh its image, consolidate its offering and pitch it against the recent horde of VDI vendors.