Canonical distributes Parallels Workstation inside Ubuntu

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Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, will announce on Feb. 6 that it’s making Parallels Workstation for Linux available to users through the Ubuntu Partner Repository.

buntu users must add the Ubuntu Partner Repository to their software channel by Navigating to “System” > “Administration” > “Software Properties.” Then, once they have added the ‘Multiverse’ channel, they can launch the Package Manager and click the “Preferences” button. Next, by clicking on the “Third-Party Software” tab, users can check on the Ubuntu Partner Repository software libraries. That done, the Ubuntu user can then add Parallels Workstation for Linux.

Trial versions of the Parallels Workstation for Linux software are available through the Add/Remove function in Ubuntu and keys for permanent use can be purchased directly through the Canonical online store or at the Parallels Web shop. The program costs $49.99.

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This is a great achievement for Parallels: Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distribution (DistroWatch ranked it 1st in 2007) and reaching its userbase through an online download service will greatly improve the chances to widespread Parallels Workstation.