ToutVirtual renames its product as VirtualIQ Pro

Virtualization startup ToutVirtual is trying to simplify its complex products offering adopting new names. So two editions (525 and Standard) of VirtualIQ, a web-based management console for several virtualization platforms (including Microsoft and VMware ones, with limited capabilities for Xen-based ones), are now merged together in VirtualIQ Pro.

ToutVirtual also adjusted price for this product, now offered at $599 for a one-year subscription or $1499 for a three-year subscription (up to 10 CPUs (sockets) or up to 50 virtual machines).

Company is also working to address other virtualization needs, set to launch somewhere in the future ProvisionIQ, a datacenter automation workflow which may compete with Dunes VS-O on paper.

ToutVirtual has been included in the Virtualization Industry Radar.