Ten common mistakes when consolidating servers

Techworld published a very good essay from Andrew Hillier, Co-Founder and CTO at CiRBA, about mistakes virtualization newcomers can do during capacity planning phase:

  1. Equating consolidation with new hardware purchases
  2. Looking at simple workload patterns
  3. Failing to consider non-technical constraints
  4. Acting on dated information
  5. Broadcasting your intent prior to gathering data
  6. Using virtualisation as the only strategy for consolidation
  7. Leaving database servers out of scope
  8. Leaving application servers out of scope
  9. Leaving test/development environments out of scope
  10. Failure to look into financial benefits and the variables that affect ROI

The article is supporting the recent release of CiRBA Data Center Intelligence (DCI) 4.0, but it’s definitively worth to read.