Release: Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications 5.0

Surgient released its new version of the management platform for Microsoft and VMware virtualization product.

Among new features:

  • Support for heterogeneous virtual lab environments
    Lab configurations often require support from multiple virtual infrastructure technologies and can include virtual machine images of different types and versions. With Surgient v5.0, the deployment requirements for each image in a lab configuration become invisible to the end-user
  • Advanced management capabilities and tools
    Version 5.0 of all Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications include an entirely revamped management console with new capabilities for managing pooled servers and how those systems are dynamically allocated
  • Enhanced reporting tools and data
    New reports in version 5.0 deliver information on lab usage, server usage, historical user activity, future reservations and predicted usage
  • Enterprise virtual lab scalability
    Enterprise organizations can require hundreds or thousands of virtual servers to be deployed concurrently across multiple pre- and post-production functions
  • SOAP XML Web services interfaces for advanced integration
    Version 5.0 includes a Web services API for advanced integration of virtual lab management capabilities with enterprise test management, learning management, live virtual classroom and other systems

Surgient prices the Workgroup edition beginning at $35,000.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.