VMware details virtualization benchmarking challenges

VMware continues its introductory campaign for the benchmarking tool they are going to launch at VMware 2006: VMmark.

This time a long essay appeared on the company management blog, The Console, detailing challenges of performance measurements in virtual environments:

Plenty of benchmarks exist to measure the performance of physical systems, but they fail to capture essential aspects of virtual infrastructure performance. We need a common workload and methodology for virtualized systems so that benchmark results can be compared across different platforms.

There are a number of unique challenges in creating sound and meaningful benchmarks for virtualized systems:

  • Capture the key performance characteristics of virtual systems
  • Ensure that the benchmark is representative of end user environments
  • Make the benchmark specification platform neutral
  • Define a single, easy to understand metric
  • Provide a methodical way to measure scalability so that the same benchmark can be used for small servers as well as larger servers

Let’s take a look at these in turn…

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