Interview: LinuxInsider interviews Simon Crosby of XenSource

LinuxInsider published an interview with XenSouce CTO, Simon Crosby.

The interview has a couple of things that simply don’t work:

  • the claim to be an exclusive interview. That’s improbable since published an interview with Mr. Crosby just 2 weeks ago, about the much hyped Microsoft-Xensource agreement
  • an answer Mr. Crosby gave to interviewer:

    … Microsoft fully endorses our strategy, and will support Windows on XenEnterprise.

    That would be great but in the interview about the agreement Mike Neil, Microsoft Senior Director of Virtualization Strategy, Windows Server Division, clearly stated about this topic:

    … As I mentioned above, for customers with Premier-level support agreements, Microsoft will use commercially reasonable efforts to investigate potential issues with Microsoft software running in XenEnterprise or other non-Microsoft virtualization technology.

    which is pretty different than saying Microsoft will support Windows on XenEnterprise.

Read the whole interview at source.