VMware to publish a benchmarking system for virtualization platforms

Hints on this move appeared with the first blog entry of Diane Greene, VMware President, and with the recent publishing of the whitepaper Performance Benchmarking Guidelines for VMware Workstation 5.5.

Now an unofficial confirmation comes from Computerworld:

Greene positioned the forthcoming release of VI3 as the start of a second phase for VMware, one where virtualisation is an established technology which users feel comfortable with.
“We spent the last eight and a half years evangelising virtualisation,” she says. “Now, it’s here to stay.”
Phase two also means facing competition from the likes of Microsoft and open source virtualisation player XenSource.

“In phase one, there were no alternatives, no shipping products,” Greene says. Looking ahead, VMware plans to issue performance benchmarks comparing its virtualisation software with that of its rivals, she says…

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