BMC Virtualizer wins Network Computing Well-Connected Award

Quoting from the BMC Software official announcement:

BMC Software today announced that the BMC Virtualizer solution has won a CMP Media LLC’s Network Computing 2006 Well-Connected Award. BMC Virtualizer outperformed the competition in the category of Network Infrastructure: Virtual Manager.

The first policy-based automated virtualization solution, BMC Virtualizer helps to deliver higher levels of application availability, reduce costs and achieve data center consolidation for enterprise IT environments with large and growing multi-server clusters. This solution provides an alternative to static server over-provisioning with dynamic, policy-based provisioning to meet rapidly changing user demands.

BMC Virtualizer automatically provisions appropriate server resources – whether physical or virtual – for applications based on business need and enables the sharing of the server resources across multiple applications. The solution eliminates 1:1 server failover requirements by managing a smaller pool of shared failover servers. This automates application server failover and recovery in less than five minutes…