Whitepaper: A Virtualization Experience: IBM Worldwide Grid Implementation

IBM Redbooks departement released another very cool book, this time about IBM research and development on grid computing:

This IBM WhitepaperRedpaper redbook discusses the IBM Global Account Worldwide Grid (IGA WW Grid), an infrastructure for Grid computing deployed on the IBM intranet. The IGA WW Grid is a global network of heterogenous rsources to enable internal business applications for Grid computing. Using virtualization, the IGA WW Grid is composed of IBM zSeries and pSeries servers distributed across the globe.

In this book, we discuss:

  • Benefits provided by the IGA WW Grid
  • Components of the IGA WW Grid
  • Scheduling workloads on the Grid
  • Enabling applications to run on the Grid

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Grid management center
  • Chapter 3 – Virtual file system
  • Chapter 4 – Grid resource controller
  • Chapter 5 – Grid services
  • Chapter 6 – Installing to virtual file system
  • Chapter 7 – Application deployment on the Grid

Download it here.