Whitepaper: Working with Solaris Containers and the Solaris Service Manager

Sun BluePrints department released a new whitepaper about Solaris 10 Containers (many of you mainly refers to them just talking about Zones), Solaris Predictive Self Healing and Solaris Service Management Facility:

Solaris Containers and Predictive Self-Healing technologies work together by creating separate execution environments, each with its own namespace and assigned resources.
Each environment can have its own self-healing personalities that can be changed, copied, and reloaded as needed.
These technologies enable administrators to determine the current state of the environment, making it easier to use the Solaris OS for consolidation efforts.

This article provides an inside look on what the Solaris 10 OS has to offer, as well as ideas on how to get started and put these new features to work, with technologies such as Solaris Containers, Solaris Predictive Self Healing and Solaris Service Management Facility.
Emphasis is placed on illustrating how these functionalities can be used to create isolated environments customized for specific applications.

Read it here.