Event: VMware TSX 2006 US

Technical Solutions eXchange is the VMware technical conference for VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs) and Partners tooking place in Europe (to fill the empty space of a missing VMworld for EMEA…) every year since 4 years.

VMware has now chosen to replicate the event in the US for the first time: the TSX 2006 for US will take place in Orlando, FL, on 23th and 24th May.

Look at the agenda here and register for the event here.

I attended the TSX 2006 in Paris as guest this year and you could be interested in reading some sparse feedbacks I collected.

The first attempt to arrange a Nordic Symposium for Europe, the open of this year TSX for public, and this replication of TSX in US suggest there is a small chance VMware is planning a VMworld for EMEA too, offering 2 events in both regions per year.
This possibility seems to be also supported by some numbers: my sources says Nordic Symposium scored around 450 attendes while TSX scored more than 500.

In case of a VMworld event for EMEA the big problem would be providing original content in both events which is absolutely mandatory to attract 1000+ attendees at a 4 o 5 days event.

The feed of original contents is a problem VMware already had with Nordic Symposium and TSX (mainly replicating VMworld sessions) and which other big vendors face as well: Microsoft for example is suffering this with european TechEd and IT Forum conferences since ever.

Another related problem would be choosing at which event officially launch a new product.
The quite obvious choice is choosing the US market, but a product launch drives much more attendees than just a great agenda about already familiar technologies, and it would be a big help in boosting an EMEA VMworld conference.

A possible strategy for this could be announcing datacenters, commercial products (ESX, VC, ACE) at the US VMworld , and desktop/SMB products (Player, Server) at the EMEA VMworld, trying to maintain an high hype during a large part of the year.

Anyway I would not expect anything new on this front until 2007.

Thanks to Run-Virtual for the news about TSX 2006 for US.