Whitepaper: Virtual Lab Automation

Akimbi realized an interesting whitepaper about automatic provisioning with virtualization:

Two trends in enterprise software development – the accelerating adoption of distributed application architectures (the service-oriented architecture, or SOA, being the state of the art approach) and the outsourcing of software development activities – are undermining the effectiveness and efficiency of prevailing enterprise software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and the infrastructure supporting these processes. Across the board, enterprise software development organizations are grappling with:

  • Server Sprawl
    Organizations face an explosion in the number of machines required to develop and test enterprise applications, with some application development (AD) organizations reaching server- to-staff ratios of greater than 7:1, even though average server utilization rates are often below 10%. Servers are hoarded under desks and duplicated across underutilized labs housed in data centers that are short on space, power and cooling capacity.
  • Setup and Provisioning Overhead
    An enormous amount of time is wasted on repetitive system setup, provisioning and configuration tasks, done in preparation for software development and test activities. These tasks often account for more than 50% of the total time expended in an application development and test cycle.
  • Costly System Failures
    Difficulties reproducing, diagnosing and correcting software defects discovered in remote development facilities, or by outsourcing partners, are leading to serious system failures in production, when the cost to repair can be over 470x higher than if resolved earlier in the AD process.

Download it here and consider attenting the related webcast.