Vizioncore esxReplicator details emerge

Virtual Strategy Magazine interviewed Davide Beneman, CEO of Vizioncore, about the upcoming new product called esxReplicator:

So esxReplicator can take a running VM, make a copy of it and then move that VMDK file to another ESX Server somewhere on the network? – I’m assuming that one would be non-running at the time?

DB: That’s true. esxReplicator can replicate via the WAN or LAN. esxReplicator will compress the image before sending it over the LAN to the destination ESX Server. The machine on the destination is offline. If you really wanted to get creative, it would be pretty easy to detect a source failure and power on the offline VM at the remote destination. We do that regularly internally at Vizioncore for our web server testing and today it is a thumb’s up. It’s working really well…

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