Exclusive: free VMware Server details leaked

An anonymous virtualization.info reader reported a Google cached page linking a VMware France page for the highly expected VMware Server.

I removed his link for problems with my blog template but took a screenshoot of Google cache:

As you can see this free product will be launched in beta and is planned to be released in Q2 2006.
It will based on actual GSX Server technology and will also feature:

  • Virtual SMP support (note that there is no experimental adjective)
  • Intel Virtual Technology (VT) experimental support
  • 64bit support (I imagine both hostOS and guestOS)

VMware Server will gradually replace GSX Server which will disappear (even from Support) within 2 years.

With this move VMware does three strategic moves in one:

  • reaffirms itself once again as the first virtualization technologies provider, spreading virtualization culture everywhere and gaining as much loyal customers and enthusiasts fans as possible before Microsoft launches Windows Hypervisor
  • revamps interest in its less sold product, GSX Server (actually snub for ESX Server)
  • indirectly increases ESX Server selling opportunities (since there will be a discounted price for GSX customers asking to migrate)

Thanks to my anonymous reader!