Webinar: Using Application Virtualization to Ensure a Secure Desktop Environment

Softricity organized a new interesting webinar about virtualization and security:

Hardening operating systems is clearly critical to protecting government IT from rogue software installations and viruses. It is an incredibly tedious and imperfect process: the more applications you manage, the more complex the hardening process and the harder it is to cleanly remove applications. Even worse, requirements for some applications require write permissions that open you to security risks.

But there is a solution: Softricity application virtualization. It lets you reduce applications to a single file that includes all the required dependencies short of operating system services, and execute them in a protected memory space that abstracts applications from the OS.

The event is scheduled for 8th February. Register for it here.

Update: Recorded event is now available here.

Thanks to Andrew Dugdell for the news.