Microsoft to embed Windows Hypervisor in Longhorn by 2010

In a recent CRN article about Xen, Paula Rooney wrote:
It [Microsoft] announced plans this year to integrate a virtualization hypervisor directly into Release 2 of its Windows Longhorn Server operating system due in the 2009-2010 time frame.

While I don’t remember of such an announcement, actual confirmed plans for Windows Hypervisor (or whatever is going to be called) is to release it immediately after codename Longhorn Server release, which should mean around 2008.

So if Ms. Rooney is right Microsoft virtualization roadmap should be as follow:

  • 2006 – new Virtual Server (actually referred as vNext)
  • 2007 – Longhorn Server
  • 2008 – Windows Hypervisor (coming in a Service Pack format?)
  • 2010 – Longhorn Server R2 (embedding Windows Hypervisor R2?)