Brian Madden podcasts on VMware and Citrix present and future

The most famous expert on application virtualization (mainly Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix products), Brian Madden, released a podcast about where today VMware and Citrix are and where they are supposed to go in the near future.

Here the podcast topics:

  • The history of VMware and Citrix, why they got together
  • Scalability. Does VMware help? How will 64-bit Windows will change this?
  • A brief mention of the kernel memory changes from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003
  • How does VMware affect consolidation strategies?
  • When should you use VMware with Citrix, when not to?
  • VMware ACE: Where can that be used with Citrix? Should you use that for Citrix or just do that natively?
  • Citrix Access Gateway and Smart Access
  • Future of utilization of servers
  • A quick mention of Longhorn’s modular architecture
  • Microsoft’s Virtual Server product server is now dead. The next incarnation will be a ESX
  • Server-like hypervisor
  • Egenera and blades
  • Citrix’s Application Isolation Environments and Softricity
  • The future of terminal server and what’s being built into longhorn
  • ICA versus RDP. What value does Citrix provide on top of Terminal Server?
  • The future of Citrix in the Longhorn days
  • What is Citrix doing with Smart Access?
  • What will Netscaler bring to Citrix?
  • Moving server-based computing beyond screen scrape technologies with WinFX/Avalon remoting
  • The ultimate merger of Terminal Server and IIS
  • How SmoothRoaming could get smart about client devicesHow we can move beyond “cut and paste” local and remote application integration with metadata transfers

You can download it here: