Releases: VMware Workstation 4.5.1 released!

It seems VMware folks wanna really impress their customers with two new releases in a week.

Sincerely we was waiting for 4.5.0 release but seems an immediate minor upgrade was necessary so here the WS 4.5.1 and the new features available:

New in Version 4.5.1

– Updates to the EULA
The End User License Agreement in version 4.5.1 reflects support policies for customers who acquired version 4.5.1 as an upgrade to a previous version of VMware Workstation.

– Updates to resolve several reported problems
Updates in version 4.5.1 include the following:

A more reliable SCSI implementation that makes it easier to move virtual machines created on other VMware products to Workstation.
Additional improvements in support for Linux guest operating systems using kernels in the 2.6 series.
Support for Windows 95 guest operating systems on host computers with high-speed processors — such as Pentium 4 processors with speeds of 3GHz and higher.

New in Version 4.5

– Increased memory size for virtual machines
This means you can create individual virtual machines with up to 3,600MB of memory and use up to 4GB of memory for all running virtual machines.

– Experimental support for Longhorn
This means you can install and run beta versions of the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn. Because Longhorn is still in the beta stage of development, you should expect it to install and run more slowly than other guest operating systems.

– Improved support for guests using Linux kernels in the 2.6 series
This means better performance for virtual machines running manually installed 2.6 kernels and also for virtual machines using some of the later releases of Red Hat Linux 9, which incorporate some components from the 2.6 kernel.

– Support for PXE
This means that if you use a preboot execution environment (commonly known as PXE) to boot and install operating systems into new virtual machines, you can do so without any add-on software.

– Tip of the day
A pop-up tip introduces you to a key feature of VMware Workstation each time you launch the program. You can turn the tips off if you prefer not to see them.

– USB device installation for nonadministrators
Any user on a Windows host can connect USB devices for use in a virtual machine. You no longer need administrative privileges on the host to connect a USB device to a virtual machine.

– Automatic check for product updates
VMware Workstation now checks automatically to see if updates for the product are available. You can adjust the interval between the automatic checks or turn off automatic checking.

– New Operating System Support
Version 4.5 provides support for the following additional operating systems:

Novell NetWare 5.1, 6 and 6.5

Don’t wait and run to get it here!