VMware starts new evangelism programs

VMware launched two new programs to strenght partnership with key customers and other figures gravitating around virtualizazion world.

First one is the Referral Program, aimed to create new low profile VMware evangelists. Here how it works:

Do you believe in VMware software? Are you someone who has influenced
colleagues, raved about us to friends, posted on newsgroups, and generally
evangalized VMware? If so, we want to reward you for contributing to our

Introducing the VMware Referral Program.

Here’s how the program works:

1. You register with VMware and receive a personal referral code.

2. You tell everyone you know about how great VMware software is, and give
out your referral code.

3. When your friends buy VMware software through the VMware web store, they
enter your code at checkout.Your friends will receive 5% off of all
Workstation purchases when using a referral code on the VMware website.

4. Your account will be credited with VMware points.

5. You refer a few more friends, and decide it’s time to change in your
VMware points for VMware merchandise. You can earn merchandise such as
tshirts, polo shirts, and VMware products.

Note: Even one friend referred will give you enough points for a VMware

Sign up now, and allow us to say “Thanks”!

To sign up for the VMware Referral program, go to www.vmware.com/ref

I personally will not adhere to this program since I don’t wanna give the impression I mantain this blog to have something in exchange.

The second one is the Core Customer Program, aimed to create or better define high profile VMware / virtualization evangelists.

Here some raw details about how it works:

VMware Core Customers are an exclusive group of VMware users who understand the benefits of VMware products and want to spread the word to the IT community. The VMware Core Customer Program gives our top customers the opportunity to share their experiences with other VMware customers and showcase their companies as technology leaders in activities such as:
Speaking with other companies that are evaluating VMware software
Developing a case study on their VMware deployment
Talking with press and analysts
Maybe most importantly, the Core Customer program gives VMware the chance to highlight the ways our customers use our products to lower costs, improve performance, and fulfill corporate business requirements with highly responsive IT services.

In return for their time, program members have the opportunity to establish valuable contacts with other smart customers and earn points that can be redeemed for great stuff. Companies that join the VMware Corp Customer Program get benefits like:

A chance to earn free VMware gear
A chance to earn free seats in training classes
A chance to earn free Workstation licenses and upgrades
Special sessions with our product management team to learn about upcoming product plans and give direct feedback

To sign up, simply email [email protected] and we will contact you with information needed to join the program. Be sure to include your name, company, and title in the email.

This last one is still quite obscure. I should receive more informations in early January so stay tuned for updates.