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SPEC releases the first standard benchmark for hardware and OS virtualization – UPDATED

Posted by Staff   |   Thursday, July 15th, 2010   |   0 Comments

Finally, the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) released the first industry standard benchmark for hardware virtualization and OS virtualization: SPECvirt_sc2010 The standard body is working on this since November…

Release: Oracle VDI 3.1.1

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010   |   0 Comments

Oracle just released a minor update for the VDI connection broker inherited from Sun.
Version 3.0, formerly called Sun xVM VDI, came out more than one year ago.

Release: Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, May 19th, 2010   |   0 Comments

Yesterday Oracle released a new update for its hosted desktop virtualization platform VirtualBox, which is now officially called Oracle VM VirtualBox.
Version 3.2, in public beta since March, introduces…

Oracle launches VirtualBox 3.2 beta 1

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, May 3rd, 2010   |   0 Comments

Last week Oracle announced the availability of VirtualBox 3.2 beta 1 (build 60785).
The upcoming new version is going to introduce a remarkable number of new features, including:


Release: Oracle/Sun VirtualBox 3.1.6

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, April 12th, 2010   |   0 Comments

A few days ago Oracle updated its desktop virtualization platform VirtualBox to version 3.1.6.
The minor update is primarily for bug fixing but it also includes a new, multi-threaded…

MokaFive reaches almost $40 million in funding with three rounds

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, April 7th, 2010   |   0 Comments

MokaFive (formerly moka5) is a US startup that launched in May 2006, targeting the consumer market with a wrapper for hosted virtualization platforms (VMware Player first, Parallels Workstation then)… looks for more developers for Hosted Xen for Windows and Mac OS

Posted by Staff   |   Tuesday, March 30th, 2010   |   0 Comments

In March 2009 reported that Citrix was working on a hosted version of XenServer, dubbed XenWorkstation. Apparently, we were wrong (or Citrix decided to indefinitely postpone it, as…

Abiquo opens US headquarters, secures $5.1M funding, announces new cloud management platform

Posted by Staff   |   Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010   |   0 Comments

As increases its coverage of vendors in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) cloud computing market, new startups enter our Radar, which will be soon updated to include a brand new…

Microsoft details upcoming Hyper-V Dynamic Memory feature

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, March 22nd, 2010   |   7 Comments

There’s a lot of interest around the just announced Dynamic Memory feature that will be included in Hyper-V as soon as Microsoft release the Service Pack 1 for Windows…

CA extends products support to Oracle Solaris Containers

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, March 17th, 2010   |   0 Comments

Earlier this week, CA announced its support for Oracle/Sun Solaris Containers (aka Zones) OS virtualization technology in a number of products:

Spectrum Infrastructure Manager
eHealth Performance Manager
Spectrum Service…

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