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Release: Liquidware Labs Stratusphere 4.6

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, May 24th, 2010   |   2 Comments

The US startup Liquidware Labs entered the capacity planning market in October 2009 with the first rebranded version of vmSight, the company/product acquired exactly one year ago.  That first…

Citrix now officially recommends Novell PlateSpin Recon

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, April 7th, 2010   |   0 Comments

At the beginning of March, Citrix and Novell started a new partnership on virtualization. Both offer commercial grade hypervisors based on Xen, but Novell is extending its interest to…

Release: Liquidware Labs Stratosphere 4.5.4

Posted by Staff   |   Thursday, February 11th, 2010   |   0 Comments

Just one week after the release of Stratosphere 4.5.3, the US startup Liquidware Labs announces version 4.5.4.
In this build the company included an Application Virtualization Assessment feature clarifying…

Release: Liquidware Labs Stratosphere 4.5.3

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, February 1st, 2010   |   0 Comments

Last week the startup Liquidware Labs updated its flagship product Stratosphere to version 4.5.3.
This minor update (version 4.5 came out in October 2009) just introduces a much welcome…

Release: Liquidware Labs Stratusphere 4.5

Posted by Staff   |   Friday, October 30th, 2009   |   0 Comments

In June the new startup Liquidware Labs released the first rebranded version of the VMsight technology acquired in May: Stratusphere 4.2. They are back this week with the first…

Release: VMware vCenter CapacityIQ 1.0

Posted by Staff   |   Tuesday, October 20th, 2009   |   0 Comments

Yesterday VMware released the first version of its new capacity planning product: vCenter CapacityIQ 1.0 (build 199314).
As the name suggests, the product performs capacity planning on virtual infrastructures,…

Liquidware Labs acquires Entrigue Systems

Posted by Staff   |   Wednesday, September 16th, 2009   |   0 Comments

Despite its current size Liquidware Labs, the new company of David Bieneman, founder and former CEO of Vizioncore (acquired by Quest in January 2008), is demonstrating to be extremely…

Release: VMware AppSpeed 1.0

Posted by Staff   |   Monday, July 13th, 2009   |   0 Comments

Today VMware releases some of the new vCenter applications announced in January. The first ones, Data Recovery and vShield Zones, came out with vSphere 4.0 last month. Today is…

5nine leaves the stealth mode and enters the capacity planning market

Posted by Staff   |   Tuesday, June 16th, 2009   |   0 Comments

Yesterday, with a single step, a new startup called 5nine entered two crowded and market segments: the P2V migration and the capacity planning ones.
P2V migration tools have been…

Release: Liquidware Labs Stratusphere 4.2

Posted by Staff   |   Tuesday, June 16th, 2009   |   0 Comments

Almost one month ago a new startup called Liquidware Labs entered the VDI space.  Behind it there are the founder and former CEO of Vizioncore (acquired by Quest in…

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