Paper: HP BladeSystem for Client Virtualization

Posted by Kenneth van Surksum   |   Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013   |  

HP has released a paper titled: "HP BladeSystem for Client Virtualization". The paper which contains 25 pages provides best practices for a client virtualization converged infrastructure. It hightlights five common deployment examples, coverign common storage and networking configurations in the context of stateless and stateful client virtualization implementations.

The paper covers the following configuration examples:

  • Single enclosure with HP 4630 BladeSystem SAN and Virtual Connect Flex-10
  • Single enclosure with multipath Fibre Channel using VC-FC modules and VC Flex-10/10D
  • Multi-enclosure Flat-SAN with FlexFabric
  • Multi-enclosure SAN with FlexFabric and external switching
  • Multi-enclosure with Direct Attached Storage and connectivity to 3PAR File Services


The paper contains the following sections:

  • Exectutive Summary
  • HP and Client Virtualization
  • BladeSystem Components explained
    • The enclosure
    • The interconnects
    • Power management
    • Discovery Services
    • HP and Blade Workstations
  • BladeSystem and the network
    • Virtual Connect
  • BladeSystem and block storage
    • Virtual Connect
    • HP SAS Switching
  • Configuration Examples
  • Summary

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