About virtualization.info

Established 2003, virtualization.info is the most popular news site about virtualization industry.

Several points differentiate it from any other online media in the space:

  • News digest virtualization.info daily tracks tens of news sources, verifying informations published in every major news magazines, corporate and personal blogs, web forum and newsgroups.From over 500 articles per day we publish no more than 10 major news per day, cutting away all the marketing hype, to avoid waste of time and informations overload.
  • The big picture Most news are enriched with references to the companies’ market position, including past and upcoming product releases, declared and implicit alliances, expected evolutions and more.So each article contributes to detail the overall industry status, to give readers always the big picture.
  • Strategic insights Along with daily news, virtualization.info publishes periodic insights about different aspects of the market, covering competition, emerging trends, customers and partners relationships.Where connections between vendors and their strategies are unclear, our analysis helps connecting the dots.
  • Unique tools On top of filtered news and strategical insights virtualization.info also offers unique tools which highlight the evolution of the market for newcomers and seasoned customers.They include the Virtualization Industry Radar and other high profile tools.

So far virtualization.info has been recognized as a valuable point of aggregation by industry leaders and technical communities, achieving over 250,000 pageviews per month and more than 11,000 RSS feed subscribers per day.

With almost 5,500 pages virtualization.info is referenced by more than 100,000 other sites, blogs, forums and newsgroups talking about virtualization.

About Paola Cornacchiola [Editor]

Paola Cornacchiola pictureWorking in enterprises and for enterprises as their main customers, Paola gained knowledge to identify and anticipate customer needs. One of her main focuses is to constantly study the current market as an opportunity and as a trend, focusing on Cloud Computing, SaaS, IaaS.

Paola is a customer-oriented professional, capable of elaborating solutions for expanding and managing company’s business in the enterprise business intelligence market.

To see more details about her professional background check www.linkedin.com/in/paolacornacchiola.

To contact Paola send an email to paola {dot} cornacchiola {at} virtualization {dot} info

About Alessandro Fontana [Editor]

Alessandro Fontana pictureAlessandro has 10+ years of experience on ICT with a focus on digital strategy. Alessandro has 10+ years of experience on ICT with a focus on digital strategy.

The digital transformation process requires a multi-faceted know-how. Indeed Alessandro’s experience covers all top-notch technologies enabled by the adoption of a cloud operational model, including Social Business Intelligence, Social Enterprise (collaborative environment design) and CRM.

Alessandro’s activities brought him to be an active contributor of several Social Business communities, that allows him to follow the global evolution towards the collaborative economy model, which has cloud-adoption as one of its building blocks.

To see more details about his professional background check https://it.linkedin.com/in/fontanaalessandro.

To contact Alessandro send an email to alessandro {dot} fontana {at} virtualization {dot} info